An illustration that depicts a group of people with different disabilities, including visual and motor.


Whether it is communicating through Slack, buying a product, or working through a fully-fledged application flow, forms are always front and center. As a gateway to your application, experience, and indeed your customers, each form you include should be usable for as many users as possible.

In essence,

An accessible form…

A label tag


Red alphabet decors (Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)

Rarely do my questions on social media attract a huge response. But this one did:

Question a11y pals: Which sounds better or more precise:

‘accessibility fixes’, ‘accessibility embellishments’ or ‘accessibility improvements

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently and the question:

“Is this … accessible?” I mean, it is for someone…

As I wrote this on Twitter recently, I expected one or two responses but was not prepared for the many contrasting, but equally valid opinions on the topic. My initial thoughts on the matter is that content is always accessible in some sense, in that it can be…

Dan O'Mahony

UX Accessibility Designer

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